We have two different brands lined up with experts that you can talk to, the talks take place on Monday and Tuesday, between 10:00 and 18:00. 

You can book a 30 minute time slot to get more information about the services of each company. Each slot starts on the hour or on the half hour. To book your time slot, please, please fill in the form below the expert brand or  send an email to, with the name of the store, number of people and preferred time. 


At market experts you get the change to aks all of your questions to the experts themselves. 


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studio 360

studio360 offers professional product photography that will make your products look their best. With our experienced team and high-end, specialized ‘always on’ studio’s, we know how to capture your products in the most flattering light and create images that will wow your customers be it in photo, video or 360, with live models or ‘ghosts’. What can we shoot for you?


More than 400 international brands already rely on Itsperfect for their daily fashion processes. From fabric to end product, design to sales, every collection again. Fashion is in our <code>
Please feel free to request an online demo and experience Itsperfect yourself. Or call Olaf van der Male for more info on +32 474 24 15 99.


Itsperfect is the most advanced and user-friendly software solution for fashion brands. Specially developed by a team that completely understands all processes in fashion.

All core processes can be managed in 1 online application, with a fully integrated B2B shop, ERP, own Point of Sale (POS), and special modules for example for PLM, warehouse management and sustainability. This brings you overview, insight and room for creativity.
The integrated App store enables you to easily add modules and users, when your organization is ready for the next step. And you will find default connections with the most commonly used accounting systems, logistics service providers, and e-commerce solutions, such as Shopify and ChannelEngine. The basis is the ERP system, the possibilities are endless.

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ln knits

LN Knits was founded by Ellen Kegels 10 years ago and has become a well-known name in the world of Belgian Knitwear. At LN Knits, we strive to make you look good by doing good. Every piece is 100% fair and handmade from the softest natural materials.

Every day more than 350 Peruvian women from high up in the Andes are knitting the beautiful knits you see here in exchange for a fair wage. Beside knits, we also launch other beautiful items. A linen and silk collection of beautiful basics is in the pipeline for SS22 and this with the same values as our knitwear story. "Slow fashion" at its best!

Showroom Noire
Hessenplein 2
2000 Antwerpen
T: +32 3 239 59 04

mieke dierckx

Nightingale office - Hertsdeinstraat 26, 2018 Antwerpen 
Mieke Dierckx
+32 472 64 73 21

Belgian designer Mieke Dierckx has been able to conquer the accessory landscape with refined and timeless designs since 2012. 
The authenticity and craftsmanship that she puts into her creations always result in high-end collections and make the handbag label a fixture.
Each piece is designed by Mieke herself in her studio in Westerlo and produced by experienced craftsmen in Portugal. 


The Antwerp entrepreneur likes to be inspired by architecture and design during the design process, where the focus is always on form and functionality.
The philosophy of the brand is to create minimalist essentials that are suitable for every occasion, effortlessly combining the use of color and high-quality materials. 



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As Europe's leading B2B platform in the Fashion, Shoes and Sports industry, Fashion Cloud enables smarter and more efficient collaboration between brands and retailers.

By being the all-in-one solution for content exchange and orders, the company contributes to a strong wholesale community that works perfectly together: Brands share marketing materials and product data with their retailers via one web platform. Retailers order items directly from the Fashion Cloud web platform.

The OrderWriter app facilitates pre-order processes by providing buyers with a financial and visual overview of their orders. With the Clara app, store associates can immediately reorder missing items during a sales call. Fashion Cloud is based in Amsterdam and Hamburg and currently has a team of 80 people.

Head of Sales 
Jessy van Ginneken

wasted atelier

Introducing Wasted Atelier: A different take on fashion

A Belgian rebel in the fashion industry

Creating unique items out of fabric surpluses, Wasted Atelier is the new Belgian brand to keep an eye on. Wasted Atelier was founded out of a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry and a desire to do better. By locally designing and producing items out of forgotten fabric scraps, the brand has a unique way of making sustainable clothing. Without of course sacrificing quality, style, or boldness. Limited edition wrap dresses, dazzling kimonos and statement sets, all sustainable and 100% Belgian? Yes, please!

Wasted Atelier was founded by Dirk Smet in 2019. As a textile agent, Dirk has a strong understanding of the fashion world. He knows better than anyone that there are many opportunities for improvement. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. Wasted Atelier is born.

“As an insider, I knew that so many beautiful fabrics are left unused. With Wasted, we want to work with these existing fabric surpluses and give them a new life. We call them our ‘catch of the day’, from which we make unique and limited edition clothing. Our pieces are not only sustainable, but also beautiful, comfortable and affordable. Our motto is ‘don’t produce, but use'”, explains Dirk Smet.

Rebel in the industry

Wasted Atelier is both designed and produced in Belgium. This allows the brand to work outside traditional rules, timings, and deadlines of the fashion industry. Every six weeks, the brand drops new items, regardless of fashion seasons.

When designing, the starting point is always the fabric scraps. All pieces are inspired by the 'catch of the day' fabrics, rather than by fashion trends, which empowers Wasted to create unique statement pieces. Talking about waking up sleeping beauties!

MAD Agencies bv
Verschansingstraat 42
2000 Antwerpen


Antwerp Fashion Week

Hessenplein 2
2000 Antwerpen
+32 3 239 59 04

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